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Mental skills are a key factor in achieving success in sport, business, & life. To perform at your optimal level requires an understanding of how you think, feel, and behave when performing and the ability to adapt your thoughts, feelings and behaviors to meet the demands of the situation. Whatever level or environment you perform at, you will give yourself a greater chance of success if you possess the mental skills to respond well to challenges.
"...concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory." --Bill Russell

A Few of The Skills

"I've never heard of a team losing because they're too mentally tough have you?"

Enhance: Confidence, Consistency, Concentration, Focus, Motivation; Improve decision-making; Reduce: Anxiety & Self-doubt; Enhance performance.

Experience Our Proven AIIR³ System

           Aware - of Mind Body Connection and when you get distracted

           Interrupt – ineffective thought processes

           Image – see the success you want

           Reset – the mind and body for optimal performance

           Replace – with an Affirmation based on YOUR ethos

           Refocus – to What’s Important Now (W.I.N.)


Easy to teach and implement in just a few minutes.

Prime the mind & body for optimal performance!

Win the Day!

Pre / post practice

Pre-performance routine

Reflection routine

(solidify learning and/or check on whether you Won the Day)

A few of our most recent successes include:

  • 1st ever Nat’l rankings

  • Highest ever Nat’l ranking

  • Sweet 16 , team went back to Nat’ls after a 10 year absence, and for all 4 years worked with us.

  • Athletes making their first national team

  • Athletes getting signed professionally

  • Back to Back Conference Tournament Champions

  • Conference tournament championships

  • Coach of the Year

  • And more…

ALL NEW Zoom Course!!

P3 Performance has developed a cutting edge mental skills course to enhance the understanding and use of high performance mental skills in training and competition. 
10 Zoom modules designed to help you integrate mental skills training.
  • Self-Awareness- TAP/Activation
  • Mindfulness/Attention/Concentration
  • Energy/Arousal Activation & Recovery
  • Imagery for Performance & Rehabilitation
  • Competitive Mindset
  • Priming, Routines & Performance Culture
  • Building Confidence / Self-Talk
  • Controlling the Controllables
  • Goal Setting & Deliberate Practice
  • Athletes Choice Topics / Q & A 

Next course June 15, 2017

Email for registration info. Limited seats available.

Add Value to your Summer Camps by providing Mental Skills Training

10 Session Plans to add to the end of training or use for bad weather days, or when the campers are physically just worn out. E-book.


Competitive Mindset Obstacle Course

  • Thousands of elite warriors have been trained with these very activities

  • One of a kind!!

  • 6-10 stations each with a physical and a mental component designed to activate the athlete (get outside of their comfort zone)

  • Great for tryouts or team building

  • Observe leadership, communication, arousal levels, energy, attitude, body language, problem solving, and more

  • Available in e-book, Zoom instruction, and onsite P3 Performance led.


30 Day Mental Skills Training Program

  • 30 day calendar for learning MST

  • E-book and print versions available

  • Team discounts

  • Short training videos for each skill


Optional Delivery Methods

  • Purchase workbooks (e-book or print copy)

  • Zoom instruction for coaches and/or athletes

  • Onsite instruction

  • Monthly Subscription to website

  • Monthly Consulting packages for Coaches and athletes

  • Text message based support.


ALL skills to include the AIIR3 System are based on empirical research and proven sport psychology techniques.


Mental Skills Foundation

  • Self-Awareness

  • Mind (Thoughts Affect Performance)

  • Body (Individual Zone of Optimal Functioning)

Big Four

  • Goal Setting (Deliberate Practice, Team Goals, Dream Goals-BHAG, Process Goals)

  • Mindfulness (Attention, Focus, Concentration, Meditation, Present Focused)

  • Energy (Diaphragmatic Breathing, Recovery, Rest, Sleep)

  • Imagery (Prime to Win the Day, Enhance Performance, Aid in Recovering)


  • Confidence

  • Mindset

  • Priming

  • Controllables

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