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MFIT - Baseline Assessments
Mental Fitness Tests - You need to know where you are today in order to measure success
Level 1 - Basic Attention Test, #s Grid
Level 2 - S.A.R.T., HRV, O-Span, PI Behavioral 
Level 3 - Pre-MOC, Post-MOC
Level 4 - n-Back Attention & Memory Run, PI Cognitive
Additional Options - short TAIS, Combined Assessment*
Experience first hand how to “apply” mental skills during full speed execution of individual or collective task training
Real Examples of Improvements

•5-span to 15 span memory improvement on runs

•215% average increase on Attention Grid

•46% increase on n-back

•Attention Regulation times doubled

•3 “chunks” to 9 “chunks” memory improvement on runs

•350% increase of remembering pieces        (letters/numbers/faces) of information along runs

•Significant increases in HRV

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