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Goals direct attention.
Learn how to create a GAP Action Plan for getting just a little bit better each day. It is the small, daily details that will lead to big results. List the Big Dream, make an honest self-assessment, identify big rocks, & create a process.
Goal Setting or when done effectively Goal Setting or better yet GAP Action Planning, produces motivation, directs attention, increases effort & persistence, and promotes the development of new strategies.
Goal-setting is an integral piece of the Military's Elite Big Four of Mental Toughness. It’s that important. We’ve developed an all-inclusive umbrella model for goal-setting and we take it as seriously as any other facet of mental toughness.
Step 1 – Define Your Goal. Without goals, it becomes difficult to measure success. The other aspect to goal-setting importance is the fuel it grants athletes & warriors as they grow winded on their journey. The road to success—any success—is usually one filled with obstacles, difficulties, and setbacks. Create S.M.A.R.T. Goals from your list.
Step 2 – Where Are You Now? You know where you want to go now you need to take a deep self-awareness check for where you are right now.
Step 3 – Decide What You Need to Develop. You have now established a destination and a starting point. What priorities or next steps must you accomplish in order to successfully reach your goal?
Step 4 – Make a Process. THIS is where most goals fail. The information out there can be overwhelming AND it takes a bit of effort and time to create your own plan THEN it takes discipline to begin and stick with said plan until you can form new habits. But I have faith you can do it!!
Step 5 – W.I.N. : What’s Important Now. Take a look at your Process sheet and identify What you believe you can handle first, or What’s Important Now. Start a to-do list TODAY for daily goals. What can you add to your daily to-do list that will move you closer to your outcome goal?
Step 6 – Commit Yourself Completely. Writing down goals and creating a plan is only part of the goal setting process. In order to ensure commitment to your goals, you must find creative and strategic ways to “trip over” your goals on a regular basis.
Step 7 – Regularly check in to determine your progress. Learn how to create contingency strategies with If/Then Statements to ensure you can navigate obstacles, recalculating the route as necessary and continue moving toward your goal.

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