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Meet The Executive Team


Mike Hatfield

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Mike has worked with teams in the NFL, NHL, MLB players, Army CAG/Delta Force, Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, Marines, Air Force Para Jumpers, Elite International Warriors, U.S. & International National Team Performers, Collegiate Teams & Athletes and well as various levels of high school, youth, and recreation athletes.


Mike believes these skills are for sport, business, & life, transferable to all realms of performance, health & well-being.


Mike is a nomad who likes to car camp, ie sleep in the back of his suburban and intends on purchasing an RV to tour the U.S. teaching Mental Response Skills.


 Mike is a former Marine and earned Marine of the Year, NCO of the year, and various other commendations.

Mike played soccer (2 time Captain, All Conference & All-District) and ran track (3 time All-District in 200m, 400m, 4x100, & 4 x400- 4 time Nationals Performer) at High Point University and played rugby until his other coaches found out. Played All-Marine Soccer, was Marine of the Year, Coach of the Year, Sales Person of the Year.


Mike has experience working as a  VP of e-Learning software sales, Director of Staffing, Director of Coaching, various soccer coach positions to include ODP, Super Y, Portland Timbers Youth Academy system, as a Master Resilience Trainer & Performance Expert, as a Cognitive Performance Coach with Special Operations Cognitive Enhancement for Performance, in health clubs (personal trainer to sales mng), as a private investigator, and as a certified high school teacher. Mike has visited 49 of these great states and lived in about 15. 

PsyD: Psychology, Sport & Performance (ABD)

MS: Psychology, Sport Psychology

MS: Business Administration

BS: Business - Human Relations

Meet The Team


Executive Performance, Leadership & Adaptability. CAG, Army Ranger


Leadership & Adaptability, Communications expert and runs some of the most efficient meetings in the world and that is no exaggeration. Army Special Forces

James Doe

I am the best thing since sliced bread and I will take your performance to the next level. (PS - this is a joke. We simply haven't updated this section yet)

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