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Competitive Mindset Obstacle Course

A Mental Fitness Course Designed to Activate

Observe leadership, communication, awareness, arousal levels, energy, attitude, body language, problem solving, and more...

  • Thousands of elite warriors & athletes have been trained with these very activities

  • One of a kind!!

  • 6-10 stations each with a physical and a mental component designed to activate the athlete (get outside of their comfort zone)

  • Great for tryouts or team building

  • Available in e-book, Zoom instruction, and onsite P3 Performance led.

Fight the urge to coach along the way. Great learning may occur with struggle. Allow athletes to stumble and problem solve. Do your best to remain hands off, we want this to be a learning experience for the athletes. Take notes of observations made throughout the activities and discuss them during the after action review (AAR).

How did they prepare physically & mentally?


Who led the Communication?

What are they focused on (Attention)?

How are they managing “stress” (Energy)?

Can they Refocus after a “bad” call?

How are they identifying/choosing the leader?

Is there a strategy for Memory retention? Problem Solving?


Was Imagery used? (chunking, linking)


Are they using Effective Thinking/comments?

Are they focused on the task (W.I.N.) at hand or other things outside their control (Controllables)?

Open-source sport psychology Competitive Mindset Obstacle Course


Just like computer software with its source code made available with a license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, We will collectively learn from one another, improve, change, and distribute the mental obstacle course updates to the brand new  MOC Facebook Private Group page.

FREE updates for a year!

This Open-source mental obstacle course will be  a living breathing document and developed in a collaborative public manner.

Why collaborate? Well initially because you will instantly realize implementing a mental skills program effectively can be a daunting task. Working together we can make it less so.


Most importantly. Because the lessons learned will allow us to improve the systematic delivery of mental skills and get this in the hands of youth coaches all over the world.


I am passionately dedicated to enhancing the mental toughness and resilience of today’s youth.

Sport psychology has examined what makes a person successful for decades.  As a coach, for the past 30 years I am always fascinated how simple words of encouragement from a coach can produce great feats of athletic performance, how the person with out-of-this-world athletic gifts fails or walks away from the sport, as well as what drives the “underdog”. I mean Who doesn’t love a good “rudy”, “miracle”, or “hoosiers” story!


I believe anyone can benefit from these skills, I’ve seen them successfully used on both the athletic field and actual battlefields.  I am passionate to bring these skills to you. The coach. The athlete. The individual. The business.


Just as with a diet or a workout regime, there are infinite combinations of mental skills workouts.


This program is designed to introduce a few of the core foundation mental skills we’ve found to be proven effective. delivered in an easy to integrate method. Although as you will discover, “easy” is relative.


You’ll understand what I mean when you deliver your first AAR (After Action Review).

Mental Obstacle Course Workbook

SportPsychMike’s Mental Obstacle Course (MOC) is a one of a kind, cutting edge way to integrate fundamental mental skills into your practices. We take the guesswork away and give you a step by step plan on what skills to begin with and how to easily integrate them. Good for Sport, Business, and Life. If you have a kid in sports, this is for you.