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Play Chess while everyone else is playing checkers.

Hiring, Selection, and Onboarding

The cost of a bad-hire can equal up to 30% of the annual salary of a position (according to the US Labor Board). Other sources quote multiples of 5X or 10X salary! An accurate fit-gap analysis ensures you will select candidates who are the best fit for the role, work environment, and company culture. It allows managers to determine the best way to coach, train, and properly onboard specific employees so they will hit the ground running.

Employee Engagement & Retention

This compounded effect of poor self-awareness leads to poor management, which ultimately results in disengaged employees. Being self-aware, or knowing your native code, is the first step towards ensuring employees are being managed correctly.

Team Development

Celebration of workplace diversity empowers team members to focus on what makes themselves great without being bogged down with awkward interactions and miscommunication. When you understand what's causing someone to behave a certain way, you are more accepting of your differences and you can focus on the things that really matter; like driving your business.

Identifying Hi-Po’s & Leaders

The science behind The Predictive Index empowers you to identify high performers and those with potential to be tomorrow's leaders. You can identify your employee's natural behaviors and styles, how they engage with others, and how they respond to leadership dynamics. These insights allow you to groom high-potential employees, as well as engage and retain those who contribute the most to your company's long term success.

Sales Performance Issues

A high-performing sales person is made up of a unique combination of behaviors and working experience that is aligned with your company's culture, product, and revenue generation strategy. Our behavior and skills tools allow you identify sellers that have the native drives, behaviors, and influencing skills necessary for your business to succeed.

Wouldn’t it be great if your workforce just clicked?

Lead Like A Coach

Great coaches attack the off season planning for how they are going to run practices for pre-season, the season, and playoffs. Why is it many leaders seem to have no plan or become these reactionary vacuums of stress? Yes, the “seasons” are longer in the work world, but for the truly great athletes there is no off season. Simply a process of moving forward in a deliberate practice manner toward the ever elusive flow state.  Do you think exceptional athletes work out without a plan? Without measuring their progress? Without a goal in mind? When are your games? The playoffs?  Why shouldn’t we lead more like a Coach?

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