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P3 + PI = Optimal Performance

P3 Performance believes in the whole person approach to optimal performance.

It's the little things that separate the best from the rest.

Champions whether they are elite warriors, elite athletes, or a business person looking for a competitive edge understand the importance of self- awareness. They know their IZOF for excelling and what their triggers are, or the small behaviors they feel or display when they may be getting "out of control".

Do you know what you do when you're at your best?

Do you know what you think when you're at your best?

If you aren't self aware it's tough to build confidence. It's difficult to truly develop your game. How can you improve if you don't know what needs improving?

Do you want to:

Enhance: Confidence, Consistency, Concentration, Focus, Motivation

Improve decision-making

Reduce: Anxiety & Self-doubt.

Enhance performance

Operate at YOUR best

Remain calm and cool under "pressure" or "stress"

Learn our proven Mental Skills Training Systems. We have learned through trial and error what works with athletes and coaches for integrating mental skills.

A, B, See, Say

Awareness is the first step to gaining control of any pressure situation. Lack of awareness is almost always the result of excessive concern with achieving the end result. The athlete must “check-in” and determine if his or her activation level, emotional state, thoughts, and focus are where they need to be. Which is the present moment. The task at hand.


  • Where is your Attention?

  • How is your Energy?

  • Are your Thoughts helping or hurting?

  • How is your Activation/Physiology?

Breathe. Deliberately focus on the inhale and exhale of your breathing. 10 diaphragmatic breaths with a 4-5 second inhale through the nose and 4-5 second exhale through the mouth. All ineffective thoughts and negativity are expelled.

See the success you want using imagery. Be sure to include all 5 senses. (This may take some practice)

Say your affirmation(s). Affirmations are statements that reflect positive attitudes or thoughts about oneself. The most effective affirmations are believable and vivid.


Aware - of Mind Body Connection and when you get distracted

Interrupt – ineffective thought processes

Image – see the success you want

Reset – the mind and body for optimal performance

Replace – with an Affirmation based on YOUR ethos

Refocus – to What’s Important Now (W.I.N.)

Additional Routines

21 Day Confidence calendar

AM T.A.P. – Morning routine for activating the CNS, priming, & mind-body

AIR² - Aware Interrupt Replace Refocus

Shower Power – confidence, power pose

WIN the Day!

MR² - Mistake Recovery Routine

Easy to teach and implement in just a few minutes each practice.

  • Prime the mind & body for optimal performance! (Win the Day)

  • Pre / post practice

  • Pre-performance routine

  • Reflection routine (solidify learning and/or check on whether you Won the Day)

Add Value to your Summer Camps by providing Mental Skills Training

47 pages of Session Plans and instruction to add to the end of training or use for bad weather days, or when the campers are physically just worn out. E-book.

Competitive Mindset Obstacle Course

  • Thousands of elite warriors have been trained with these very activities

  • One of a kind!!

  • 6-10 stations each with a physical and a mental component designed to activate the athlete (get outside of their comfort zone)

  • Great for tryouts or team building

  • Observe leadership, communication, arousal levels, energy, attitude, body language, problem solving, and more

  • Available in e-book, Zoom instruction, and onsite P3 Performance led.

30 Day Mental Skills Training Program

  • 30 day calendar for learning MST

  • E-book and print versions available

  • Team discounts

  • Short training videos for each skill

Optional Delivery Methods

  • Purchase workbooks (e-book or print copy)

  • Zoom instruction for coaches and/or athletes

  • Onsite instruction

  • Monthly Subscription to website

  • Monthly Consulting packages for Coaches and athletes

  • Text message based support.

ALL skills are based on empirical research and proven sport psychology techniques.

Mental Skills Foundation

  • Self-Awareness

  • Mind (Thoughts Affect Performance)

  • Body (Individual Zone of Optimal Functioning)

Big Four

  • Goal Setting (Deliberate Practice, Team Goals, Dream Goals-BHAG, Process Goals)

  • Mindfulness (Attention, Focus, Concentration, Meditation, Present Focused)

  • Energy (Diaphragmatic Breathing, Recovery, Rest, Sleep)

  • Imagery (Prime to Win the Day, Enhance Performance, Aid in Recovering)


  • Confidence

  • Mindset

  • Priming

  • Controllables

Great Teams Workshop

The Great Teams Workshop brings together designated personnel from across the team to engage in a series of exercises and discussions aimed at solidifying or redefining the team’s shared philosophy, vision, and/or culture. This vision will provide the foundation for team members to build cohesion and commitment to one another. Customized.

  • Teams identify what gets in their way of success including a discussion of the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.

  • Identify qualities of great teams.

  • Discuss the importance of cohesion, communication and trust.

  • Create a season creed/mantra for shared vision.

  • What kind of Culture do you really want??

PI Behavioral Assessment

Imagine if you had an easy 6 minute assessment to identify your player's & coach's individual Drives which lead to their Needs and are displayed in their Behaviors. The most accurate and validated assessment and proven to be a predictor of success.

“During Bower's 15-year stint as a scout, coach and general manager in the New Orleans Hornets organization, he grew to trust the accuracy of the personality assessment survey the franchise used. As a result, Bower brought the Predictive Index with him when he left the NBA ranks to replace coach Chuck Martin at Marist earlier this spring, using the psychological profiling method to help evaluate recruits, assemble his coaching staff and fast-forward his understanding of his current roster.

"I've seen its value in the past in the NBA and I can see its value even more in a college setting," Bower said. "We're not looking for any one quality in particular. We're looking for how individuals function best and what their natural instincts are. We think it's a tool that will help us blend personalities together and bring the right kind of person here."

“The most high-profile college coach to embrace personality profiling is legendary Tennessee women's basketball coach Pat Summit, who was first introduced to the Predictive Index system in the early 1990s by a Knoxville car dealer who used it to hire his own employees. Each time a recruit came on an official visit to Knoxville, Summit asked the player to fill out a Predictive Index survey and then analyzed the results with her.”

P3 Performance is dedicated to helping athletes, coaches, and organizations maximize their performance.

I’ve also included a couple of links with how other coaches/teams used PI successfully and an additional attachment with a menu of sorts for what we can provide.

Contact us today to bring out YOUR best.

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